Thursday 8 June 2023

MLB-Linked Emergency Text Line Directs Users To Reportedly Sexually Explicit LGBTQ Chat Room, Watchdog Finds

 An emergency text line backed by Major League Baseball directed an undercover watchdog group posing as someone struggling with his gender to a chat room for young people that reportedly allows sexually explicit conversations, the American Accountability Foundation reported.

The chat line, known as the Crisis Text Line, which has partnered with the MLB, directed a user from the American Accountability Foundation posing as someone who “was born a boy but never totally felt very masculine” to resources from the LGBT National Help Center and the Trevor Project.

“Major League Baseball’s actions are absolutely shocking. There is absolutely no excuse or explanation that could possibly make this ok. Grooming kids for gender transition is so beyond the pale of morality and basic decency that it’s hard to see how MLB ever comes back from this. Shame on MLB, and shame on every player participating in this program. Leave our kids alone!!” AAF President Tom Jones said in a statement to The Daily Wire.

After exchanging text messages with the counselor, the American Accountability Foundation was directed to a page from the LGBT National Help Center and TrevorSpace, a chat room operated by the Trevor Project.

According to its website, TrevorSpace is “an affirming international community for LGBTQ young people ages 13-24. Sign up and start a conversation now.”

Screenshots from the chat room previously shared with National Review show topics discussed often include graphic sexual conversations, including discussion on masturbation and sex positions.

Individuals using the chat room have directed users on how to find things like chest binders, which are used on girls to flatten their chests, according to one mother who looked into the chat room. “If it’s your first time I started with TomboyX compression tops,” one user wrote in response to a “gender-confused adolescent,” an article in the New York Post said.


The group that runs the chat, the Trevor Project, is a non-profit LGBT organization that fights against suicide. The group supports children socially “transitioning” and undergoing transgender procedures like puberty blockers.

“There have been many opponents to gender-affirming care for TGNB youth. Some of the hesitance regarding gender-affirming care may be due to a misunderstanding of the causes of mental health challenges in TGNB individuals. This brief demonstrates why such care is not only ethical, but medically-necessary,” the group said in a 2020 briefing.

The MLB has come under fire in the past after 20 teams have supported or promoted groups that back children undergoing transgender procedures, according to a report from National Review.

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