Saturday 3 June 2023

Joe Biden Claims He “Took Office Four Years Ago,” Takes a Shot at Trump in Oval Office Address to Nation (VIDEO)


Joe Biden Friday evening attacked MAGA Republicans in Congress and told several lies in his first Oval Office address to the nation.

This is the first time Biden has been seen in public since he took a bad fall at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado.

And he’s seated in a chair.

Biden falsely claimed he cut the deficit by $1.7 trillion. 

Moody’s already debunked this lie.

Joe Biden claimed he “took office four years ago” during his address to the nation.

Fact check: Joe Biden did not take office four years ago.

He also took a shot at Trump.

“We’re all in a much more fiscally responsible course than the one I inherited when I took office four years ago. When I came to office, the deficit had increased every year the previous four years,” Biden said.

Biden continued, “Ya know, my dad used to have an expression, he said, ‘Joey, don’t tell me what you value. Show me your budget, I’ll tell you what you value.'”

This never happened.


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