Thursday 29 June 2023

‘It Smells Bad’: Nikki Haley Asks Whether Biden Loves Hunter More Than He Loves America

 Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley said Tuesday that President Joe Biden seems to be putting his troubled son Hunter ahead of the nation he is supposed to be leading.

The former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and South Carolina governor joined Fox News host Sandra Smith on “America Reports,” where she responded to people claiming that President Biden’s continued support of his son was simply evidence of what a loving father he is.


Smith set the scene by playing a clip from ABC’s midday talk show “The View,” during which Ana Navarro claimed that through all the allegations of corruption — specifically of Hunter Biden trading on his father’s name and influence so that the whole family could profit — the real takeaway was that Joe Biden would never give up on his son because he was a father before he was anything else.

“She and ‘The View’ are making the case that this is about a father’s love — as the president continues to deny any knowledge of his son’s business dealings, which we have very vague details of,” Smith said, turning the question to Haley: “Where does this go, Ambassador?”

“First of all, let’s say, okay, so is the love for his son greater than the love for his country?” Haley asked. “Because that’s what it looks like.”

“It smells bad, Sandra. I mean, you know, before you could say, oh, maybe it was nothing. There’s clearly something there,” Haley continued. “And there’s clearly something that needs to be found out. This is about accountability. Whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat, we’ve got to have accountability. If you don’t address this, it will happen again.”

Haley continued to stress the importance of holding all leaders accountable, arguing that a situation in which people believed the President of the United States might be compromised was untenable.

“I think if the Department of Justice can’t handle this, Congress is right to step forward,” she added.

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