Thursday 15 June 2023

German Authorities Investigating Rammstein’s Till Lindemann for Multiple Sexual Assault Accusations – Metal Band Leader Also Suspected of Drugging the Fans

 German metal band Rammstein is involved in a ‘heavy’ controversy, as its frontman Till Lindemann is facing mounting sexual assault and rape allegations from multiple female fans.

Euronews reported:

“Berlin prosecutors have opened an investigation against Till Lindemann, the frontman of German metal band Rammstein, following multiple claims of sexual assault.

‘Preliminary proceedings have been initiated against Till Lindemann on allegations relating to sexual offences and the distribution of narcotics’, a spokeswoman for the Berlin public prosecution’s office said in a statement.

Several women have come forward in recent weeks to claim they were drugged and recruited to engage in sexual activity with Lindemann, 60, at Rammstein after-show parties.

[…] The Berlin prosecutors have opened the probe on their own initiative, ‘on the basis of several criminal complaints filed by third parties’. No further information will be provided at this time in order not to jeopardise the ongoing investigation, the spokeswoman said.”

A 24-year-old fan from Northern Ireland, named Shelby Lynn, tweeted that she had her drink spiked with some drug, and violently approached by Lindemann at a backstage party after a show in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania.

Immediately, a flood of new accusations started to pop up at several social media platforms.

Lynn said she was invited to the after party by a woman named Alena Makeeva.

“Alena Makeeva invited me to join her on row 0. I sent her a message on Instagram last week asking her how on earth to get to the after parties and that I would like to be considered. She asked my age and where I was from, and when I confirmed, she sent me a link to the WhatsApp group,” Lynn writes on Twitter.”

During the party, she met Lindemann, who acted aggressively trying to have sex with her.

She alleges that that her drink may have been spiked, because ‘she has no memory of part of the evening, and was left bruised after the concert. She also claims to have vomited for 24 hours after the gig.’

After Lynn’s testimony online, many more reports have surfaced, leading to the suspicion that this could be a part of a systematic process of abuse.

Rammstein tweeted: “With regard to the allegations circulating on the internet about Vilnius, we can rule out the possibility that what is being claimed took place in our environment.”

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