Friday 9 June 2023

Everyone’s a TARGET: Internal email reveals Target execs are “asking” employees to engage in LGBT pride activities

 Leaked internal emails reveal that woke retail giant Target is “asking” its employees to engage in LGBT-themed activities and celebrate Pride Month.

This is according to independent journalist Greg Price, who posted on Twitter an image from an internal email from Target executives asking employees in its Minneapolis headquarters and across the country to participate in “pride” activities, including an event called “Queer Bingo & Board Games.”

“In honor of Pride Week, join team members across the company for a variety of events to connect and build community virtually and at Minneapolis HQ,” the email stated. “Check out a few highlights below and visit the Pride+ SharePoint for details.”

The said correspondence also invited the workforce to attend a virtual symposium titled “Pride+ Culture Club presents How to be a Better Ally” and a “Pride+ Pro Sports Panel.” Other events to be staged welcome employees to join and the retail company assures them: “This is a safe space to talk about anything that’s been on your mind lately.”

“I suspect when Target says ‘anything’ is safe to talk about that the company excludes employees who do not feel comfortable with the LGBT lobby’s hold on the company and how they support themselves,” wrote journalist Jonathan Jones in a commentary for the Western Journal. “I learned from my time in corporate America that those kinds of sentiments go only one way – to the left.”

“A major corporation once invited me to leave my job when I politely protested the divisive nature of its obsession with diversity,” he continued. “The soul-crushing struggle for conservative working people who just want to earn a paycheck is one that is too often overlooked.”

Target continuing to promote gender ideology to children

Despite the massive backlash it has already experienced, Target is still promoting gender ideology to children. It recently donated $2.1 million to the organization known as the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

GLSEN is a K-12 education group that focuses on lobbying school districts into allowing children and their teachers to hide their chosen gender identities from their parents and to allow them to “transition” in secrecy.  

This group is also promoting and providing sexually explicit books to schoolchildren for free and wants to integrate gender ideology at all levels of curriculum in public schools, even math. GLSEN is providing educators with instructions on how they can make math “more inclusive of trans and nonbinary identities” by including “they/them” pronouns in word problems.

In another example, GLSEN recommended that teachers intervene if students are making graphs and polls about sex and gender not to stop them but to make sure that their exercises are inclusive of the gender ideology supported by GLSEN.

“When students are creating their own surveys, if they want to include data for biological sex, teachers need to be sure they include both ‘intersex’ and ‘other’ as choices,” reads GLSEN’s proposed lesson plan for math teachers. “And if the students want to include data for gender, a variety of choices need to be included, such as: agender, genderfluid, female, male, nonbinary, transman, transwoman and other.”

This is the organization that Target has chosen to partner with, an organization that the corporation claims is leading “the movement in creating affirming … and anti-racist spaces for LGBTQIA+ students.”

“We are proud of the 10-plus years of collaboration with GLSEN and continue to support their mission,” the corporation added.

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