Friday 30 June 2023

DeSantis Indicates As President, His DOJ Will Go After Elites Who’ve Played By Different Rules

 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said during an interview this week that as president, he will appoint an attorney general who will go after elites who have lived under a different set of rules, saying that everyone under his administration will be treated equally.

DeSantis made the remarks during a special interview on Thursday with Fox News’ Jesse Watters.

“When you see Hunter get away with tax fraud, and you see all this money flying into the family bank accounts, and all these lies being told by the president,” Watters said. “If you ever to become president, would you have an attorney general that would look into these crimes?”

DeSantis responded, “We are going to have one standard of justice. And right now, if you are connected to the D.C. ruling class, you get a pass on a lot of conduct.”

“If Hunter were a Republican, he would have been in jail a long time ago,” he continued. “And so there’s not going to be any preferential treatment for these people. If they’ve committed crimes, they are going to have to live under the same set of laws that the rest of us have to do.”



When asked later in the interview if he believes that President Joe Biden is going to be able to make it through the 2024 presidential election, DeSantis said he believes that Biden “may very well try to stick it out.”

“We’ll be ready for whoever. Because I think the thing about the Democrat Party is, yeah, Biden’s got huge problems, we all know that, but we talked about this corruption,” he continued. “What does he have going for him? Harris is his impeachment insurance; no matter what Biden does, nobody wants Harris.”

“And so it’s almost like, just let him finish out, and it cuts against accountability because people know if she were president, Katy bar the doors,” he added. “As bad as Biden did, it would get worse, and so they would have a real clown show if Biden wasn’t able to make it.”

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