Friday 16 June 2023

City council in Michigan BANS LGBT flags from public property – take note, White House

 Authorities in a Michigan city with a majority Muslim population has prohibited the LGBT Pride flag from being flown on public property.

On June 13, the Hamtramck City Council unanimously voted to ban LGBT flags – including the Progress Pride flag – from being flown on flagpoles that belong to the city. The resolution put forward by Hamtramck Mayor Pro Tempore Muhammad Hassan also prohibited any flags from religious, ethnic, racial, political or sexual orientation groups from being flown.

Only the Old Glory, state flags, city flags and the National League of Families Prisoner of War-Missing in Action banner are allowed on public flagpoles, the resolution stated. It also permitted the flags representing the native countries of immigrant residents to be displayed on public property. However, businesses and residents can still display a Pride flag on their private property.

The city council’s move appeared to be in response to a controversial move by the White House, which drew criticisms from patriots and conservatives across the nation. On June 10, the White House draped a rainbow-colored Pride flag over the center of the building’s south portico during an event celebrating Pride Month.

It’s safe to say that the Hamtramck City Hall isn’t keen on doing the same.

Citing the U.S. Census Bureau, the Associated Press reported that more than 40 percent of Hamtramck’s 27,000 residents are immigrants born in other countries. A significant share of the city’s residents hail from Yemen or Bangladesh.

During the meeting, some members of the all-Muslim city council said the LGBT Pride flag clashes with the beliefs of Muslims. “We want to respect the religious rights of our citizens,” said Councilman Nayeem Choudhury.

“You guys are welcome. [But] why do you have to have the flag shown on government property to be represented? You’re already represented. We already know who you are.”

Hamtramck Mayor Amer Ghalib and other council members also remarked that the resolution wasn’t about targeting a specific group. One member explained: “If you let one flag in, you’ll have to let all of the flags in.”

Dawud Walid, the director of the Michigan branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said Hamtramck’s flag policy does not discriminate against anyone. He stressed: “If there was one group that was not being granted access to something while others were then we would have a problem.”

Hamtramck standing up against the LGBT mafia

The council’s resolution was not without criticism, however. Professional soccer team Detroit City FC dubbed the decision to ban Pride flags “inexcusable.” The team tweeted: “Pride flags send a powerful message that all are welcome and that the community values diversity.”  

Despite this, the council found allies among Hamtramck residents. One resident who hailed from Yemen expressed his support of the resolution, telling the council: “Do not waver and do not flinch; you are doing the right thing.”

“It’s shameful and embarrassing to have any other flag on public buildings. You have the freedom to display whatever you wish in your home or your private businesses. We respect all nations, cultures and their flags – but we only salute the American flag,” he said.

“I owe my success and my livelihood, first and foremost, to the Creator Himself. [And] then, to this great country. Our soldiers fought, bled and died … so that you and I can live with peace, prosperity and freedom. Those soldiers fought under the American flag and no other.”

Another resident, a man who hailed from Lebanon, also expressed his support of the measure. He addressed the council: “You don’t see my family saying, ‘We’re going to put the Lebanese flag down your throat.'”

“You want to put up the gay flag at your house, then put it up at your house. Do not put it on city property, and do not put it on our schools.”

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