Thursday 29 June 2023

‘Chosen Because She’s Black’: Winsome Sears Scorches Ketanji Brown Jackson Over Affirmative Action Dissent

 Republican Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears of Virginia ripped Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Thursday over her dissent in one of two cases involving race-based admission policies.

“What you have is a justice who was chosen because she’s black and because she’s a woman,” Sears told Fox News host Martha MacCallum. 

The Supreme Court struck down admission policies at the University of North Carolina and Harvard that took race into account, with a 6-3 ruling in the case of North Carolina and a 6-2 ruling in the case of Harvard who were accused of discriminating against white and Asian applicants in favor of black and Hispanic applicants. Jackson recused herself from the Harvard case. 


Sears pivoted to the issue of education after her comments on Jackson, who was appointed by President Joe Biden. Jackson drew criticism over her representation of defendants at Guantanamo Bay and for her sentencing in a number of child pornography cases.

“While we’re playing these stupid games, I’m saying that education and the lack of it in America is risen to a national crisis,” Sears said. “China is not playing these stupid games. China is interested in total world domination, and so is Russia and the rest of them. That’s what we have to be concerned about.” 

“Our children are not learning,” Sears continued. “In fact, when they do graduate from high school and decide to go on to college, Martha, more than 60% of them, according to the statistics, need remedial education that very first year.”

Math and reading scores saw their biggest drop in 50 years, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics. The new data represented “learning loss” from disruptions in education during the COVID-19 pandemic, including remote schooling.

“Children are having to stay one extra year in college based on loans that they have taken for work that they should have completed when they were in high school,” Sears said. “So, let’s cut that and let’s get to what the remedies are, and I’m pulling for school choice. School choice now. Our children are in need.”

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