Friday 30 June 2023

Biological male “transwoman” complains he can’t find a gynecologist to “treat” him

 A so-called "transwoman," meaning a biological male who falsely believes that he is now a "woman" after undergoing "gender-affirming" bodily mutilation, is whining all over social media about the fact that he cannot find a gynecologist to examine and "treat" his fake lady parts.

The deep-voiced male, seen dressed in stereotypical women's clothing with long hair, complained while sitting in front of all sorts of brightly colored Pride paraphernalia that gynecologists are "discriminating" against him by refusing to look at his artificial vagina.

"They've got to use a ****ing speculum; they've got to take a sample, that kind of thing," the mentally ill male says – watch below (WARNING: bad language and graphic content):


What does this "transwoman" want a gynecologist to do, exactly?

According to, gynecology is defined as "the branch of physiology and medicine which deals with the functions and diseases specific to women and girls, especially those affecting the reproductive system."

With that in mind, one wonders what the mentally deranged male seen in the above clip wants a gynecologist to do, exactly? At best, the guy has a "front hole" that was carved into the spot where his now-destroyed genitals once existed – but that hole is not a functioning vagina in need of gynecological care.

Despite this undeniable fact, this "transwoman" is outraged that no gynecologists want to play along with his twisted delusions by examining whatever it is that he still has left under his pants.

"It's ***ing bull***," the man screams into the camera about his inability to find a willing gynecologist to play along with his fantasy. "I'm pretty ****ing pissed ... it's so hard to find a ****ing gynecologist that can work with me. I just don't understand it."

The guy is right about one thing: he certainly does not understand basic biology and who differentiates a male from a female. Just because he mutilates his genitals, puts on a dress, and grows his hair out or wears a wig does not make him a woman.

There will never be a way for this male to become a woman no matter what he does to his body or appearance. This is not "hate," by the way; it is the truth, and one that more LGBTs need to hear again and again as a reminder that a person is either male or female, a determination that is made based on genes and chromosomes, not play-pretend.

"Because whether it's basic anatomy, reproductive science, DNA sequencing or general morality and ethics, there seems to be quite a bit that simply goes over their heads," writes Brittany M. Hughes for mrcTV about the ignorance of the LGBT trans cult.

"Like the fact that this guy is a man, begging a doctor who specifically treats women to play a role in his delusion."

"If, in fact, the dude in this video has undergone a vaginoplasty, he doesn't need a gynecologist. He needs trauma surgeon to repair the open wound he paid some butcher to carve into his body, followed quickly by a therapist to determine what's gone wrong in his head ... And then, perhaps a biologist – or any person with basic common sense – to explain how all this works."

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