Saturday 20 May 2023

‘What Was Biden Doing For the Last Several Hours?’ – Peter Doocy Spars with Karine Jean-Pierre Over Joe Biden’s Lack of Urgency as Default Looms (VIDEO)


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Friday held a press gaggle in Hiroshima, Japan.

Joe Biden is currently in Japan participating in the 2023 G7 Summit.

80-year-old Joe Biden looked confused as he greeted the world leaders in Japan on Friday.

At one point Biden slipped on concrete steps and almost fell.


Reporters on Friday peppered Jake Sullivan and Karine Jean-Pierre with questions about the looming default.

Debt ceiling talks are on hold over “unreasonable” White House demands as a default looms.

Joe Biden waited 97 days to engage in debt ceiling talks with House Speaker McCarthy and other congressional leaders.

We are days away from the US government defaulting and Joe Biden refuses to budge after House Republicans passed a resolution.

Biden refuses to negotiate with McCarthy.

KJP and Jake Sullivan repeated old, tired talking points and insisted Biden is taking the debt ceiling negotiations seriously.

Meanwhile Joe Biden has not called into any of the debt ceiling meetings taking place on The Hill.

Biden didn’t even deputize Kamala Harris to lead the negotiations (she’s too stupid anyway).

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Karine Jean-Pierre what Joe Biden has been doing the last several hours since he has yet to be briefed on the debt ceiling meetings that took place back in DC.

“What was [Biden] doing for the last several hours while they were in these meetings?” Doocy asked.

“They were having conversations, right? They were on the Hill,” KJP said.

“Couldn’t he call in?” Doocy asked.

Karine Jean-Pierre became visibly irritated: “Look, Peter…”


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