Sunday 28 May 2023

‘People With Female Sex Organs’: Major Feminine Product Maker’s Latest Attack On Girls And Women

 What is a woman? It looks like the tampon maker Always doesn’t even want to use that word anymore, let alone answer that question.

On Friday, the Daily Mail reported that one of the world’s top suppliers of menstrual and other sanitary products released its annual pamphlet used to help young girls learn about their changing bodies. Except this year, the pamphlet didn’t mention women or girls even once. Instead, they were labeled “people with female sex organs.”

Why? Well, under leftist lunacy, women can become men. Which means that teenage girls can become teenage boys. Ergo, using the word “woman” or “girl” is a no-no. What makes this all especially creepy is that this pamphlet, titled, “Puberty and Confidence Guide for Everyone” is meant for middle schoolers and high schoolers. In other words,  Always, which is owned by Procter & Gamble, is endorsing and supporting teenagers undergoing sex rejection and gender-denial procedures and abuse.

Per the Daily Mail, multiple teachers were mortified when they opened the pamphlets that they were supposed to provide to their pupils.

One educator said that the literature was obviously confusing.

“I think girls will struggle to understand how this relates to their own body and their own experience,” the teacher told the outlet.

For example, in one section it says, “Every month, bodies with female sex organs prepare for pregnancy.”

“‘Bodies with female sex organs’ may not be immediately identifiable as a girl according to a child’s understanding, particularly if English isn’t their first language or a child has additional learning needs,” the teacher added.


Another anonymous teacher also said, “Sadly, this is yet another example of companies attempting to erase women and disregarding their needs in a rush to appease trans activists.”

In Always’ case, the company quite literally erased the word “woman” from their packaging in 2019.

Perhaps it is time that Always, and its parent company Procter & Gamble, get the Bud Light treatment.

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