Wednesday 3 May 2023

Oakland: Mob Beats Man Unconscious, Continues to Pummel Him after His Car Was Damaged – Then Mob Continues to Perform Street Stunts


Video captured a mob in Oakland, California, brutally beating a man unconscious and then continuing to pummel his lifeless body.

The video was posted by PPV-TAHOE on Monday, May 1 and allegedly took place last week.

In the video the man is seen being rushed by several men. The men knock the victim out then continue to kick him, pummel him, and beat his stomach. The man is barely moving. He is bleeding out of the mouth.


At one point one of the pedestrians puts the man’s head in a bucket.

The mob then continues to stand around and watch car stunts in the street.

This is hard to watch.

Andy Ngo reported: Graphic video from Oakland, Calif. at a street occupation on April 30 shows a mob beating a victim on the ground until he is unconscious. The man’s car was hit & he got out of the vehicle before being jumped. The mob then continue performing street stunts.

It’s hard to believe there are such lawless and heartless people in our society today.

It’s unfortunate the DOJ is too busy targeting MAGA grandmas with USA flags. Maybe they’d want to stop this.

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