Tuesday 30 May 2023

Mother Nature Beats Cruise Ship Like Modern Day Titanic, Flooding Destroys Several Decks Causing Passengers to Panic (Video)

 The Carnival Sunshine cruise ship was on its way to Charlestown, South Carolina when all of a sudden a severe storm caused the ship to suffer major flooding.

The flooding was so bad that a total of four decks were evacuated which caused occupants on board to go into panic.

According to ABC 4 News many of the passengers on board were not giving regular updates on the condition of the ship and at one point received no communications from crew members for over 12 hours.

Videos of the flooding made their way on to Twitter and shows water taking over several decks of the ship.



Despite the major flooding the ship was able to ride out the storm and was able to dock safely on Saturday evening.

No one was seriously injured from the flooding but some passengers on board received medical attention for minor injuries.

Carnival Cruise released told ABC 4 News the following:

“Carnival Sunshine’s return to Charleston was impacted by the weather and rough seas on Saturday. Guests on board the ship were safe. Our medical staff helped a small number of guests and crew members who needed minor assistance.

The weather’s prolonged impact on the Charleston area delayed the ship’s arrival on Sunday and as a result, the next voyage’s embarkation was also delayed.

We appreciate the patience and understanding of all our guests.”

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