Friday 12 May 2023

James Woods Responds to Kevin McCarthy and Speaks for All of Us…

 On Thursday Republican lawmakers passed a border bill that is the strongest border security bill in US history. It also has zero chance of passing through the US Senate and being signed into law by Joe Biden.

Title 42 ended on Thursday. The border agents are expecting a rush of up to one million illegals in the days ahead as Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas open the southern US border to the world.

This is an impeachable offence. They are knowingly destroying the country with their dangerous policies. 

On Thursday afternoon Speaker Kevin McCarthy posted a tweet chastising Joe Biden for opening the US border to the world. 

Actor James Woods posted the perfect response. SHUT UP AND DO SOMETHING!

Alejandro Mayorkas, who continues to lie to the American public that the “border is secure,” should have been removed the first week Republicans took over the US House of Representatives.

There should have been articles of impeachment drawn up for Joe Biden months ago. Why are Republicans waiting for Biden’s handlers to completely destroy our way of life? 

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