Monday 22 May 2023

For Real? North Carolina Gov. Declares ‘State Of Emergency’ Because Republican-Led School Choice Is About To Pass

 Democratic Governor Roy Cooper (NC) has declared a “State of Emergency” because the GOP-led legislature is about to pass school choice amongst other conservative measures that fight back against radical emergency.

What exactly does a “state of emergency” over public education entail? It’s unclear, but Cooper thought it enough of a crisis to give a press conference and run this banner across

“It’s clear that the Republican legislature is aiming to choke the life out of public education. I’m declaring this a state of emergency because you need to know what’s happening. If you care about public schools in North Carolina, it’s time to take immediate action and tell them to stop the damage that will set back our schools for a generation,” Cooper said in a press release.

Last week, the North Carolina bill passed a bill that would expand private school vouchers by $400 million, according to WRAL News.

As explained by bill sponsor Representative Tricia Cotham (R-Mecklenberg), all this bill would do is allow parents to send a child to the school that best fits their needs.

“Maybe a kid says they hate school,” Cotham told WRAL. “It’s just not the place, maybe the school is too large, maybe it’s the type of curriculum, maybe they have dyslexia and need another location for them. So this would give families, parents, the opportunity because they know their child the best to say where their child should go to school.”

Many states have similar voucher programs — and a big advocate of those programs is Corey A. DeAngelis.

DeAngelis often proclaims, “Fund students, not systems.”

On Monday, DeAngelis called Cooper a “hypocrite.”

“This hypocrite sent his own kid to a private school,” he tweeted. “We’re freeing families from the clutches of the teachers unions once and for all & there’s nothing he can do about it.”

“We now have a Democrat Governor declaring school choice a ‘State of Emergency,'”  DeAngelis said. “They’re losing control over the minds of other people’s children and they can’t handle it. Good. Cry harder, @RoyCooperNC”

DeAngelis seemed confident that school choice would pass — even in spite of Cooper.

“North Carolina families will get school choice this year and there’s nothing their hypocrite Governor can do about it,” he tweeted.

For his part, Cooper’s plan to block the legislation includes encouraging North Carolinians to call their representatives to oppose a slew of proposed bills.

The GOP has a supermajority in the legislature of North Carolina. So, to Democrats, GOP officials using legal authority to enact plans that their voters sent them to the office to enact constitutes an “emergency” that requires an official declaration.

That sums it all up. Any person, political body, or media outlet that threatens Democrats’ power is treated as an extreme danger that must be thwarted. The North Carolina GOP should wear this declaration as a badge of honor.

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