Wednesday 17 May 2023

Durham Report: Foreign Government Planned to Donate Money to Hillary Campaign in Exchange for Protection when She Became President

 Here’s another nugget from the John Durham Report.

A Confidential Human Source (CHS) for the FBI reported to the FBI alleged foreign election influence efforts targeting the Clinton Campaign back in November 2015.

Jon Herold from Badlands Media posted this on Monday.

It’s not clear if their source was known drug addict Stefan Halper who was used to bring down the Trump campaign. Halper was the spy working for the FBI in the Trump campaign. He was earlier indicted on cocaine charges. This is who the FBI relied on in its attempted coup of the President of the United States. We earlier reported that Stefan Halper lied about the General Flynn affair. 

According to the John Durham Report, the CHS reported to the FBI about alleged foreign election influence efforts targeting the Clinton Campaign by a different country.

A foreign intel insider contacted the CHS and solicited the CHS to set up a meeting with Hillary Clinton.  The foreign insider wanted to propose “something” understood to be a campaign contribution to Hillary. The donation would be made on behalf of the foreign government in exchange for protection of that foreign government when Hillary became president.

It is not clear from this passage from the report if Hillary took them up on it.

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