Friday 19 May 2023

Democrat Stacey Plaskett Defends FBI for Targeting “White Christian Males” and for ‘Threatening Violence’ at Whistleblower Hearing


Democrat Stacey Plaskett reached a new low today.

Are there organized groups of “white Christian males” who are threatening violence in America today?

Is there a record of “white Christian males” who hold a strong belief in Christ who are committing violent acts in America?  Is this a new trend in America?  Is this something we see on TV every night?

Is she talking about the FBI targeting practicing Catholics? Is she defending that, too? 

Rep. Stacey Plaskett (Democrat non-voting Congressional delegate) opened up her remarks at the Weaponization Committee‘s whistleblower hearing by attacking and slandering white Christian males.

Democrats ran interference for the FBI and their tyrannical practices against Christians, parents of school children, and Trump supporters.

in her opening statement Plaskett said this, “When the FBI investigates conservative Christian white men who are actually threatening violence, suddenly my Republican colleagues are rushing to defund the police.”

Seriously, what is this offensive woman talking about?

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