Friday 12 May 2023

Black Residents of Chicago’s South Shore Are NOT HAPPY About Plans for a ‘Migrant Respite Center’ in Their Neighborhood (VIDEO)


Local leaders in Chicago’s South Shore recently held a meeting with residents to talk about a ‘migrant respite center’ in an empty school building.

The elected officials could barely get a word in as residents expressed their anger over the plan.

People are concerned about crime and the fact that they weren’t consulted on the idea before it began to move forward. 

These folks sound an awful lot like… conservatives. 

NBC Chicago reported:

Residents Express Opposition to Using Vacant South Shore High School to Shelter Migrants

Chicago city leaders were confronted with opposition to a proposed plan to shelter migrants at a former high school in the South Shore neighborhood, with dozens gathering for a raucous meeting Thursday night.

Those leaders had difficulty getting a word in during the loud gathering, with residents largely expressing their concerns about the plan to house migrants at the former South Shore High School building in the 7600 block of South Constance Avenue. 

“I am outraged,” one resident said. “I am outraged, and I don’t understand why our community was chosen.”

Residents say they are sympathetic to the plight that the migrants have gone through, often being bussed out of areas of Texas and Florida after they fled to the United States to escape horrifying conditions in their home countries, but they also are concerned about public safety if the proposed plan moves forward.

“I don’t hate anyone,” one resident said. “I just want to feel safe.” 

Take a look below:

Someone was even holding a sign that said ‘Build the Wall 2024.’

This is how the problem at the southern border ends. When Democrat officials see that their own voters won’t put up with it.

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