Friday 19 May 2023

AI is about to change the world for the WORSE: Here are 3 reasons why

 Ever since the dawn of the internet, humanity has been in the throes of the so-called “information age,” where anything a person wants to know is available right at his fingertips. And with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), the information age is now transitioning into the AI age.

While we are not quite yet at the stage where AI robots have eclipsed the abilities of the human brain, they are certainly moving in that direction with haste.

The Organic Prepper‘s Aden Tate contends, as many of us do, that the AI age is going to change the world for the worse – as if things were not already a horror show as it is.

Tate warns that AI will only continue to get “smarter” as time goes on until eventually manifesting as “Super AI” with “superintelligence.” Once that happens, AI robots have the potential to replace humanity entirely.

“Picture what you would have if you combined ChatGPT, Midjourney, Grammarly, financial guru AI, facial recognition, ‘counseling AI,’ and so on other types of AIs together, and think about what you would have,” Tate writes, comparing what AI will soon become to the Jarvis character from Iron Man.

“What’s more, AI learns and adapts incredibly quickly – far more quickly than humans are capable of learning.”

In essence, these Super AI robots will function as a genie in a bottle, delivering anything and everything on command from human input.

“Want to talk with somebody about how your day went, what you’re thinking, the advice you need, or how you want to make money trading stocks? A ‘super AI’ would be able to do it and more.”


As U.S. military struggles to find willing recruits, programmers are creating AI “soldiers” to replace them

Another likely prospective use for AI robots of the future is as soldiers in the United States military.

As you may recall, the military-industrial complex went “woke” in recent years, driving away many recruits who have no interest in serving alongside creepy transgenders and other deranged perverts.

Not only that, but the military is having trouble finding willing and able recruits who meet its physical and mental fitness requirements. Quite frankly, Americans are now too fat and sickly to serve as soldiers.

They will be replaced with AI soldiers trained to kill without a conscience – and without the need for food, money, or any of the other basics that human soldiers require.

“You’re most certainly going to see AI be something of an arms race amongst nations,” Tate says. “People are going to do everything they can to figure out how they can weaponize this so that it can be used to protect their people and attack others.”

Initially, these AI soldiers will likely be tasked with cyberwarfare tasks such as manipulating the financial markets through “financial warfare” – which already seems to be the case with AI-driven supercomputers that engage in high-frequency trading and other forms of market manipulation.

“It could quite literally be used to cause a financial depression in a targeted nation and could even be set up so that it only impacts that nation (or at least predominantly that nation),” Tate says. “That AI would be able to understand what stocks and companies a nation needs most, and then go after those.”

Finally, AI robots of the future will replace virtually all human jobs. Once the globalists get done depopulating the world to the level they desire, AI will step in to do all the jobs that humans used to do.

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