Friday 14 April 2023

Where Is the House GOP? Where Are the Jan 6 Videos? Where Is the Real Jan 6 Investigation? Where Is the Investigation into DC’s Corrupt US Attorney?


Speaker McCarthy and the GOP majority in the US House made a number of promises as this session of Congress began.  Will this Congress act or will they pull a Lindsey Graham?

In 2018 Senator Lindsey Graham promised to get to the bottom of the Mueller exam.  The DOJ and FBI committed crimes in attempting a coup of the Trump Administration.  Graham promised to get to who was behind this unconstitutional and criminal effort.

But he lied.  He never had any intention of digging into Obamagate and all the crimes that took place before the 2016 election and into the Trump Administration.

Maria Bartiromo called out Graham on his broken promises and lies.  All America knows now that Graham cannot be trusted. 

In January Kevin McCarthy promised to release all the Jan 6 footage from the Capitol and numerous other activities to get this country back on track with the power  This has not been done.

Tucker Carlson was reportedly given access to the videos but was only allowed one night to share that footage.  This is not what America demands.

McCarthy’s approval initially increased but now here we are into April and no tapes for America to date.

Right now no one is overjoyed with the efforts to date by the GOP House.   Americans want to know everything about Jan 6.  We want the truth.  The crooked DC politicians created a BS Jan 6 committee that never got to the truth.

There were four Trump supporters that were killed at the Capitol on Jan 6 and only one of these individuals is mentioned in the Jan 6 report.  This is why Americans know our nation is corrupt and we want the truth. 

Julie Kelly was on with Steve Bannon today to discuss recent events surrounding Jan 6.

Kelly shared numerous recent events.  (It’s an excellent interview with the exception that she could have given a shout-out to Cara Cara Castronuova, Alicia Powell, and others at TGP and the work they have done in DC with the Jan 6 prisoners in DC.)

Kelly then was asked about the US House GOP’s efforts to date since January and she shared the following at the 6:00 minute mark:

Here we are now 3 months into House Republicans’ reign of Congress and nothing is happening.  They keep taking these pivots right.  I mean I said on Twitter last week.

Why are you worried about Alvin Bragg when you have Mathew Graves who is under your purview.  You are responsible for oversight for the Department of Justice and this out of control DC Attorney’s office…

…They need to be worried about what’s happening here because Steve they’re arresting people, new people every single week…

…Every week they not only criminalize political dessent and round up Trump supporters, but we’re getting this information on the governement and law enforcement agencies [being involved in the events on Jan 6].

See Kelly with Bannon below.

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