Tuesday 4 April 2023

Violent Transgender Rhetoric Is All Over Etsy

 Etsy allows a significant number of shops to sell transgender-themed items that threaten violence.

The e-commerce site, a major platform for buying and selling handmade and vintage items, has a slew of merchandise available that appears to specifically threaten violence against people who disagree with gender ideology.

“Armed queers bash back,” reads a flag with the “Progress Pride” flag and a picture of an AK-47 assault rifle.

“Respect my pronouns or yours will be was/were,” reads a sweatshirt.

One t-shirt pictures three daggers along with the words “Protect Trans Kids.”

“Respect gender pronouns or I will identify as a problem,” reads a sticker with a picture of a cat holding a knife.

Some of the shops that sell the violence-themed merchandise have made thousands of sales. At least one shop has more than 19,000 sales.

“The cis-tem,” reads a candle, “Oh look… it’s on fire.”

“Turn TERFs into turf,” reads another sticker.

“Respect my pronouns or die by my sword,” reads one sticker with pictures of swords.

“We’re here. We’re queer. I have a brick,” another candle reads.

Amazon has at least a few pieces of similar merchandise available.

In darker areas of the internet, the rhetoric is far worse, but at least one example appears to have made it to Etsy — just to give you an idea of how unpalatable it gets.

Etsy sells a sticker reading “Vore TERFS” is a reference to a sexual fetish, “vore,” which involves being sexually aroused by swallowing something whole — in this case, a wolf swallowing a Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF), a derogatory term for a feminist who does not accept trans-identifying people as their preferred gender.

“Disclaimer: Please do not attempt to actually feed any TERFs to wolves, as this can upset their diet and make them sick,” the seller adds.

Last week, a trans-identifying woman gunned down six people at a Christian school in Nashville.

One of the most significant things we know so far is that the shooter was a former student and may have been partly motivated by a sense of “resentment,” according to Nashville police.

This is notable because proponents of gender ideology often consider disagreement with them to be violence, so it is not entirely surprising that one of them might consider responding in kind.

Just three weeks before the mass shooting, left-leaning personalities called The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles “genocidal” for saying the transgender ideology must be “eradicated.”

That language was echoed last week by activist group TRAN when it canceled its “Trans Day of Vengeance” event in Washington, D.C., citing safety threats.

“This is one of the steps in genocide, and we will continue our efforts to protect trans lives,” the group said.

Meanwhile, the press secretary for Democratic Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs was ousted after she posted a tweet that appeared to suggest gun violence against “transphobes.”

This is the state of transgender rhetoric in the mainstream. The escalation by gender ideology proponents now includes apparent threats of violence out in the open against people who disagree with them.

Even in the wake of a deadly tragedy, major companies like Etsy, the mainstream media, and Democrats have yet to call for a deescalation.

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