Friday 21 April 2023

Under Biden “Communist China…is Running this Country…Into Destruction” – Former US Rep. and Current Dean Michele Bachmann


Michele Bachmann, current Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University and former US Representative from the state of Minnesota, joined the Joe Hoft Show on TNT Radio on Thursday. 

Dean Bachmann’s resume is impressive in many ways.

Michele Bachmann was born in Waterloo, Iowa. She received a B.A. in Political Science and English from Winona State University in 1978. She married Marcus Bachmann, a clinical therapist who holds a master’s degree from Regent University. In 1986, Bachmann received a Juris Doctor degree from Oral Roberts University. She was a member of the ORU law school’s final graduating class, and was part of a group of faculty, staff, and students who moved the ORU law school library to Regent University. Two years later, she completed a Master of Law in taxation at the College of William & Mary. She worked for four years as a lawyer for the Internal Revenue Service’s Office of Chief Counsel in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Bachmann and her husband have five children. They also worked with a private foster care agency to house 23 children in their home during the 1990s. Bachmann’s children were home schooled and also attended private Christian schools, and her political career stemmed from her interest in education reform.

In 2000, Bachmann defeated a longtime moderate incumbent for a state senate seat in Minnesota. In 2006, Bachmann entered the race to represent her suburban Minneapolis congressional district. She won 52 percent of the vote, becoming the first Republican woman from Minnesota elected to the House of Representatives. She easily won reelection in 2008 and 2010.

Bachmann’s extensive career highlights include:

  • Bachmann was the first Republican woman from Minnesota elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

  • Bachmann served as a United States Congresswoman representing Minnesota’s 6th District from 2007 to 2015.

  • She quickly became a national figure in the Republican Party and a founding member of the congressional Tea Party Caucus.

  • In 2011, Bachmann announced her bid for the Republican presidential nomination and ran for president in 2012.

  • Bachmann is a highly respected leader who is deeply committed to conservative values in government.

Yesterday, one of America’s greatest thinkers shared her thoughts on numerous topics with TGP’s Joe Hoft.  At the 18:00 minute mark in the clip below, Dean Bachmann joined the show. 

The discussion began by pointing out all the corruption happening in the US today and how shocking it is because we have been born into the greatest society in world history.

We grew up in the most magnificent society that’s ever been known in 5,000 years of recorded human history.  And so you say to yourself, how can it be possible that in the last 2 years we could see such intentional destruction, because that’s what it is. such intentional destruction that it could actually cause a nation to actually teeter and totter and perhaps collapse?  That’s the level of jaw-dropping news that we’re looking at.

Bachmann discussed Taiwan and the danger that exists in the US today.

…These are not normal events that we’re looking at and we see that our lives will be impacted by events that are happening across the world because these events have the potential for causing an international war, the collapse of the US dollar and we’re seeing an invasion of our country.  On almost every level you see this.

Bachmann then discussed how Biden is working towards giving US sovereignty to the WHO.  This year the Biden gang is back at it pushing multiple paths for turning over Americans to the WHO.  This will be the end of the US.

Tedros, the head of the WHO is corrupt and tied to China.  He’s the perfect stooge for communist China.  Based on this and more we’re looking at treason by the Biden Administration.

The enemy, which is Communist China, is effectively running the United States of America through each of its various departments, and they’re running us into destruction.  120 mph towards a brick wall for the express purpose of destroying the United States so that Communist China can be the leader of the world. 

The war in Ukraine was discussed next.  Over $120 billion has been sent to Ukraine and yet the US has no strategic interest in the country.

Joe Biden has actually sold this country out for chump change…This what they sold our nation for…[Hunter Biden’s actions discussed]…

Our nation is being stole intentionally before our eyes because it isn’t Biden doing it.  He’s looking the other way while the Chinese have come in and they’re the ones that have their controls on every level of power now on the United States.

This was just the beginning of the discussion… please listen in on Michele’s interview.  It’s profound.

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