Saturday 22 April 2023

Leftwing Arizona Reporter SLAPPED With Restraining Order After Harassing Senator Wendy Rogers Repeatedly, Showing Up at Her Home and Neighbors’ Homes – Next Incident May Result in Her Arrest


Coconino County Judge Amy Kriddle issued an injunction on Thursday ordering leftwing hack AZ Capitol Times reporter Camryn Sanchez to cease her harassment of Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers following multiple visits to her private home and neighbors’ homes.

Senator Rogers said that prior to home appearances, “The reporter repeatedly invaded my personal space at my desk in the Senate Chamber.”

Senate President Warren Petersen agreed that “everyone deserves privacy in their personal residences.”  Petersen concluded, “a judge, who is a disinterested, non-biased, third-party, heard Senator Rogers’ complaint and agreed with her position.”

After Sanchez made multiple visits to Rogers’ homes and neighbors’ homes, the Judge ruled that if she attempts to contact the Senator again, she “may be arrested and prosecuted.” 

Because of this, the leftist Arizona Democrat Media Complex launched an all-out attack on Rogers.

Senator Rogers tweeted the restraining order yesterday and revealed that the “creepy” reporter has been stalking her and her neighbors at their homes “with no explanation.”

Fake News Hack Brahm Resnik of NBC tweeted claims that the reporter was simply investigating whether Rogers lives in the district she represents and that the restraining order “is clearly an attempt to stop questions.”

Imagine if this were a Gateway Pundit reporter showing up at the homes of Democratic officials who have repeatedly run away from our questions in public spaces. The media would have a field day attacking conservatives and accusing us of harassment!

Ray Stern for AZ Central reports that “Sanchez was investigating where Rogers lives, according to a Capitol Times article about the court order, specifically an ‘injunction against harassment.’ State law requires lawmakers to reside in the county of the legislative district they represent, and Sanchez was investigating properties in Tempe and Chandler that Rogers owned; the senator lists a Flagstaff address in paperwork related to her office.”

These people are idiots. Many State Legislators in rural districts need to stay in the Phoenix area for most of the legislative session, otherwise, they would need to commute hours or more to show up to work nearly every day at the Capitol. The left-wing hacks who are pushing this false narrative know this but are intentionally lying to those dumb enough to believe it.

Senator Rogers often leaves Maricopa County and travels back to her hometown of Flagstaff on weekends and outside of the legislative session. The Gateway Pundit has reviewed multiple documents which list Rogers’ Flagstaff home as a primary residence, including her driver’s license, pilot’s license, voter ID, Arizona fishing license, and an American Legion membership card. It is well known that Rogers owns multiple properties in the State and travels across the State representing her constituents in a district comprising four Arizona Counties.

Senator Rogers released the following statement on the matter:

Senator Rogers’ Statement on Restraining Order Against Local Reporter

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – A Coconino County Judge granted Senator Wendy Rogers an Injunction Against Harassment, which was served this morning to a reporter who has been documented as repeatedly committing harassing, annoying and alarming attempts
to contact the Senator.

“Earlier in this legislative session, after the reporter repeatedly invaded my personal space at my desk in the Senate Chamber, I requested that the Senate Sergeant at Arms and staff convey to the reporter that I did not want her to approach me,” said Senator Rogers. “I didn’t have any further issues with this reporter until this week, when she showed up at two of my Valley homes, multiple times. The latest attempted contact at one of my residences happened Wednesday night. I don’t know this reporter personally, I don’t know what she is capable of, and I don’t believe anyone in their right mind would show up uninvited to my home at night. Therefore, I don’t trust that this person wouldn’t lash out and try to physically harm me in some fashion.”

“Our members know that the media will frequently engage with us in order to document the happenings at the Legislature, but everyone deserves privacy in their personal residences without worrying about reporters repeatedly showing up unannounced,” said Senate President Warren Petersen. “A judge, who is a disinterested, non-biased, third-party, heard Senator Rogers’ complaint and agreed with her position.

Senator Rogers added, “After seeking guidance from my legal counsel, family, and neighbors who are also quite bothered by the attempted contacts, we decided the Injunction Against Harassment would be the best approach. My neighbors should not have had to put up with this harassment either. When I signed up to be a public servant, I understood what the job entailed, including unwarranted harassment. I’m thankful to the judge who recognized the need to issue the restraining order, and I’m hopeful this reporter will heed the warning and stop showing up at my homes or face the full force and effect of law.”

Kari Lake War Room commented on the statement expressing their solidarity with Senator Rogers and taking a strong stance against the leftwing media’s “egregious harassment.”

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