Tuesday 11 April 2023

Exclusive Interview: Kari Lake Discusses Her Stolen Election, SLAMS Uniparty RINOs Who Refuse to Talk About Election Fraud


Kari Lake discussed election integrity and her ongoing fight against stolen elections with The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson last Friday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, following a Good Friday Prayer Breakfast event with conservative actor and author Kevin Sorbo.

Lake held three events in Iowa with massive attendance. More than 600 Patriots and Christians showed up to her Good Friday event.

 Lake’s event in Iowa City across the street from the liberal University of Iowa, where transgender flags lined the streets. Still, Lake pulled in a massive crowd and overfilled the room. One angry leftist, who was possibly paid to do it, interrupted her event near the university, screaming, “f*ck you,” but he ran away when Kari invited him on stage to debate her.


The central theme of these events was election integrity. Lake urged Patriots to participate in the Iowa Caucuses and ask candidates where they stand on election integrity following the stolen 2020 and 2022 elections. She told the crowds that President Trump is likely the only candidate willing to speak about the fraud in our elections, which is true.

From Lake’s Nevada, Iowa event:

Republicans across the Country know that the elections are rigged and compromised, but the GOP and some Republican politicians refuse to talk about it. Instead, they contend that the GOP can’t keep talking about the past and they need to find the right candidates to win elections.

But, the GOP has had the right candidates who would win if the elections were free and fair.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Kari Lake’s lawsuit to overturn the rigged Midterm election in Arizona and the stonewalling by Maricopa County RINOs and the courts.

Recently, the Arizona Supreme Court sent the erroneously dismissed signature verification fraud count in Kari Lake’s lawsuit back to the trial court for further review. Despite the state’s highest Court’s order, Maricopa County still refuses to comply with legal public records requests for ballot envelope signatures.

Ilegitimate Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed another bill last week that would designate her own Secretary of State’s July 2020 Signature Verification Guide as the minimum requirement for the comparison of signatures on mail-in ballot envelopes. 

After vetoing a bill to add minimum standards that she wrote herself, one can only assume that Katie Hobbs wants to further weaken the standards for election security.

Conradson and Lake discussed the stolen election in Arizona, the importance of election integrity, and reelecting President Trump to return our Country to greatness.

Watch below:

Conradson: I’m hearing this message from a few so-called Republicans, they’re saying, No, we have to move on from these elections. We just need to win. We just need to find the right candidate. What does that mean to you? What’s the “right candidate?

Lake: Well, they had the right candidate in 2020 in President Trump. They had a great candidate in Kari Lake and ’22. And we’re such a huge threat to the status quo and the political elite that they stole the elections. That’s why they don’t want us talking about stolen elections. But I tell you, Jordan, I’m out there with the voters every day. And we know that that Rasmussen poll that just recently came out showed more than 70% of Republicans say the number one issue is stolen corrupt elections. 51% of independents in Arizona say election integrity is a top issue and they’re concerned about our elections. And almost 30% of Democrats think our elections are a mess. This is an issue that Arizonans care about. This is not a Republican issue. This is an American issue. And as long as they are rigging elections in five states, they can control the destiny of our nation and the destiny of our world, and that’s why we have a guy named Joe Biden in the White House. And any candidate, especially on the Republican side, who doesn’t want to talk about it, or when you ask them, was the 2022 election in Arizona, the governor’s race, stolen? and if they won’t talk about it or won’t acknowledge that, that should be a huge red flag. It’s not about me. It’s about We The People, and our sacred vote is being trampled. How do we get security at our border? How do we get a handle on this Fentanyl crisis? How do we make sure our kids are being properly educated, fully fund our police so we have safe streets again, tackle the chronic street homelessness, if we the people aren’t actually getting into office the people we vote for? Election integrity is a priority, and I’m telling the people in Iowa who have a chance to choose our presidential nominee because that’s what they do here, they need to ask these people coming through Iowa: What are your thoughts on the election integrity? What are your thoughts on the 2020 election? Was it stolen? Was the ’22 election in Arizona stolen? And if they hem and haw about that, you need to vote that person out; vote no on that person. I do know one candidate who’s running for president who will happily talk about it and his name is President Donald J. Trump.

Lake: President Trump wasn’t just the victim of the 2020 Stolen election. I was, you were, the whole country was, and frankly, the world was because when they stole that election in 2020 and installed sleepy Joe Biden into office with Kamala Harris; Joe Biden is compromised. He’s owned by the CCP. He’s owned by Ukraine. When they installed him into office they set America on a tragic course, and We The People are suffering. Democrats are suffering, Independents are suffering, Republicans, people who didn’t even vote are suffering. And that’s who is the victim of a stolen election. The victim of a stolen election in 2022 in Arizona is the people of Arizona, and frankly, the people of this country, because as long as we let this crisis at the border go on with a fraud like Katie Hobbs sitting in the governor’s office, every single American, including Americans here and in Iowa, are suffering from that wide open border and a stolen election.

Conradson: And I would add not just candidates need to talk about the stolen election. The RNC Chair, State GOP Chairs I mean there’s some of them out there that don’t want to admit, look, we have compromised elections.

Lake: Do you know why? Because they want the status quo. They want the system, the uniparty system, where they act like we have Democrats and Republicans in a big old uniparty that works to keep that system that keeps the swamp going, and to hell with the people. That’s their philosophy: to hell with the people. And you know what, the people are sick and tired of it. And we don’t want the uniparty anymore. It is the uniparty versus we the people, the uniparty versus America first. That’s where we’re at right now in this country. Don’t fool yourself, if you don’t believe that.

Conradson: I want to talk a little bit about [your] signature challenge. Katie Hobbs just vetoed Rep. Alexander Kolodin’s bill to set a minimum requirement for signature verification. I mean, one can only imagine that if she doesn’t want a minimum requirement, that means she just wants to weaken the signature verification laws. Maricopa County won’t give up the signatures. What is this? What’s really going on?

Lake: These people want rotten elections. That’s the only reason you get someone like Katie Hobbs in office. How do you get John Fetterman in office? How do you get Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in office? These people are worthless when it comes to helping foreign policy to help America. They’re completely worthless, they’re low IQ, they’re compromised in many, many ways. The only reason they can get into office is if they cheat and steal these elections. And everybody knows it. The Democrats know it, the Republicans know it, the RINOs know it, and the people know it. And so of course she’s going to veto that because the only way she’s even sitting there collecting a government paycheck and destroying our state is because of stolen elections. That’s okay. I do believe we’ll have justice someday. And I hope that these people will be brought to justice. I hope it’s Swift, and I hope it is severe.

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