Saturday 15 April 2023

Conservative Student at Virginia College Shares Pro-Life Message On Campus, Doxed and Threatened

 Skylar Culbertson is a conservative student at College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Culbertson shared her pro-life views on campus and was threatened as a result.

Culbertson wrote at The College Fix:

On Tuesday, my peers and I at William & Mary University hosted a table on behalf of our Tribe for Life campus club that took on what we consider some of the lies that pro-choicers tell.

We set up a big sign, handed out brochures, and had conversations with students about those lies, which we argue are that: men can have babies, Planned Parenthood cares about women, chemical abortions are safe, and women need abortions to succeed.

The three hours we spent on campus that afternoon were mostly uneventful, and perhaps that’s because we had security officers present due to the fact that in the past we’ve faced death threats, we’ve had urine thrown at us, we’ve been doxxed, and so on.

But the real drama unfolded Wednesday night, after a satirical student publication made fun of our group for enlisting security guards, generating a wave of mocking comments under the article that then led to threats on the anonymous social media app Yik Yak.

Some of them I expected, such as the ironic “Skylar is a threat to humanity” post. But the one that sounded alarm bells was: “tribe for life makes me want to commit suicide and also mass murder.”

The threat of violence was enough for me to alert the local authorities, and I have been working with campus leaders as well to ensure the safety of not only fellow students and the community but even for this troubled individual.

Heightening the situation is the fact that our nation is still grieving the murder of six innocent people at a Christian school in Tennessee on Monday at the hands of an individual who clearly suffered from mental health issues relating to transgender ideology.

What’s more, there’s a “Trans Day of Vengeance” rally scheduled for Saturday in Washington D.C. and some of the Yik Yak messages over the last week have flagged the event with glee.

I wish I could say I am surprised and shocked by such reactions, but I’m not.

As a result of being a conservative voice on campus over the last two years, I’ve been harassed by my peers online and in person, and some have even broadcast my identity online to invite more harassment.

I’ve been censored from showing pictures of the reality of abortion at on-campus events. Our student pro-life group has seen our flyers routinely torn down and vandalized and even had urine thrown at us.


Culbertson joined The Ed Morrissey Show and shared, “We saw what happened at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Kristen (Hawkins) was harassed. And then again with Riley Gaines in San Francisco, so yeah, it’s happening all across the country.  And it’s crazy that people feel that they need to resort to violence to get across their social goals.”

“Last semester there were several students on this synonymous platform, Yik Yak that were actually posting my location. So whenever they would see me on campus, they would be like, ‘Skyler is here at this coffee shop, she’s at the science center.’ So I even had to have a security guard for one of my events, just to give a presentation on abortion for one of my classes.”

See the interview below.

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