Friday 14 April 2023

Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter overwhelmingly infiltrated with federal agents posing as “employees”

  Around the time that Elon Musk took over Twitter and made the company private, dozens of former federal agents who had previously infiltrated the social media platform’s upper ranks fled suddenly, almost like they were scared.

Some 28 different former agents at the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), DOJ (Department of Justice), CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) had been working as high-level executives at Twitter prior to Musk’s takeover, but when the deal was completed last October, all of them were suddenly gone.

Most of this mass exodus occurred around the time when Musk first announced the planned purchase last April. By the time Musk took full ownership of the company later that fall, the remaining ones had fled, which was succeeded by Musk deciding to can an additional half of the company’s full-time employees.

Musk gave the entirety of Twitter’s employee ranks an ultimatum: either commit to being “extremely hardcore” or leave. To this, about half responded by deciding to leave of their own volition, probably due to disagreements with the direction Musk was taking the company.


Many spooks left Twitter following Musk’s takeover, but there are still nine former FBI agents in the company’s ranks

One of the former FBI agents who left Twitter last year was Jim Baker, who infamously “exited” the company after getting caught suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, as spotlighted in the Twitter Files that Musk released late last year.

The other 27 federal employees who fled Twitter included the tech giant’s “embedded security manager,” “director of strategy and initiatives,” “senior analyst of global risk intelligence,” “senior corporate security analyst,” “senior director for the trust and safety organization,” “deputy general counsel and vice president,” “senior staff technical program manager,” “head of corporate security,” along with numerous others.

Back in December, a Twitter user who goes by the handle of “Name Redacted” called for Musk to do a “little housecleaning” to get rid of the “many ex FBI / CIA agents in high ranks” still lingering at the company.

Not long after Name Redacted tweeted this, along with a list of the LinkedIn profiles of these former spooks, several of them immediately scrubbed their history on the career-based social media platform.

As of this writing, there are still nine former FBI agents who work in some of the highest executive roles at Twitter. These include the company’s “corporate security manager,” “director of information security,” and “senior director of trust and safety.”

All nine of these agents previously worked at the FBI for more than 15 years before switching to working for Big Tech.

“The CIA has been bringing the propaganda to social media for decades,” wrote another.

Someone else wrote that he observed more than a decade ago that all mass media in general was churning out the same exact stories from the same exact angles, even using the same terms and sentences in their reporting.

“Their stories were parroted word for word as though all were issued by a central source and written by a single authority,” this person said. “Even Fox News parroted the ‘insurrection’ narrative the very next day before any investigation could even be launched to gather the facts.”

“Says something I guess,” another commenter wrote about the spooks who still work at Twitter. “Just around the time rats were jumping ship is when I joined.”

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