Monday 3 April 2023

Alvin Bragg’s Political Donors Include Numerous Donation Mules – And at least one Prominent Business in India


It has been widely reported that New York City DA Alvin Bragg was funded by George Soros during his election. Soros funded Color of Change who then funded Bragg’s campaign.

Soros funds ALL of the Marxist DAs in the country. He knows they will cut down on prosecuting criminals, crime will soar, and American cities will become dangerous cesspools of lawlessness. Democrats support this. They say it’s racist to arrest criminals or something.

Recently, investigative engineer Chris Gleason investigated Bragg’s other donors. What he found was similar to what The Gateway Pundit has reported on in several Democrat races. A major segment of donations came from donation harvesters. Many of these people are retired and unemployed. They are donating thousands of times to Democrats around the country. This is likely the largest political donations scandal in US history and it is about to bust open.

What we found at The Gateway Pundit was that these “contributors” follow a very similar pattern that we have witnessed in all of the states as a part of this RICO enterprise of money laundering, identity theft, fraud, elder abuse, etc.

 Democrat donation harvesters in Maryland, Georgia, Missouri, Washington, Michigan and now New York.

An interesting contribution to Manhattan DA Bragg’s campaign originates from India. When that name was also checked in against the database the following is what we observed.

Donations to Mark Kelly For Senate from an individual who works for a company called DMI Finance.
The individual listed in both the NY State DB as one of Manhattan DA Bragg’s donors is the co-founder of DMI Finance a company based in India.
The company website is here.
“He currently serves on the Board of Governors of The British School in New Delhi and on the Founders Council of the MS Chadha Center for Global India at Princeton University. He lives in New Delhi with his family.”
Two of these contributions orginate from India.
One from an address in NYC.
When we checked the address in NYC we found that it was an active listing on Zillow.
To some, this might be easily brushed off as nothing. However, when you look at these transactions over time certain patterns begin to emerge.
Many of the individuals who are making contributions tend to be elderly and/or when their addresses are verified against various sources they do not appear to live at the addresses contained in the FEC or the various State Campaign Finance Databases.
Many of the individuals listed as having contributed many times to ALVIN BRIGGS seem to also follow the same patterns that we have been seeing in the recent videos by the O’Keefe Media Group.  They appear to be donation harvesters or SMURFS.

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