Wednesday 15 March 2023

Only One Person Claps When Biden Tries to Ignite Paltry Crowd in Las Vegas (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Wednesday delivered remarks on his administration’s so-called plans to ‘lower prescription costs’ at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

81 million vote recipient Joe Biden spoke to a paltry crowd in Vegas.

He’s so popular that he couldn’t even fill the room.

Here is a panned out view of Biden’s pathetic event:

What a joke.


At one point Joe Biden looked up at the balcony and told the people up there not to jump.

“Oh wow! I didn’t see you all up there… don’t jump!” Biden said.

Why does he always say this?


Biden leaned forward and said his policies have cut the deficit.

This is a brazen lie.

Then he tried to ignite the crowd but by this time people were probably dozing off.

“There’s a lot more coming. A Lot more coming,” Biden said trying to galvanize the crowd – But only ONE PERSON CLAPPED.


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