Thursday 23 March 2023

New York Mayor Eric Adams Spent $20 Million on Campaign That Changed Famous NY Logo to be More Inclusive

 Last year, New York Mayor Eric Adams quietly commissioned a new logo for the “City That Never Sleeps” to replace the world famous logo created in 1977 by Milton Glaser, who passed away at the age of 91 in 2020.

The new “more inclusive” logo now includes the word “We”, added “NYC” instead of “NY” and gave some gradient shading to the heart.  Much like Glaser’s rendition that was made in the backseat of a taxi cab, this logo could have been made in about five minutes time with minimal photoshop skills.

The new logo is part of a campaign that cost a reported $20,000,000.  Fortunately, the price tag is reportedly from donations and not taxpayer funds.

From BPR Business & Politics:

Adams and Gov Kathy Hochul revealed the design Monday. It is part of a woke campaign to “cut through divisiveness and negativity.”

They ditched the beloved typewriter font and replaced it with a bland sans-serif typeface. The heart is now three-dimensional and is enlarged as if it has myocarditis, which given the pandemic is somehow apropos.

The “I” was dropped for a more inclusive “We” and “NY” became “NYC.”

Evidently, Admas and Hochul just couldn’t let it be and had $20 million in donations to burn through. Dozens of businesses donated to the new publicity campaign including Amazon, Google, Macy’s, Madison Square Garden Entertainment, and TikTok.

The new designer is Graham Clifford. He told The New York Times the idea was to “give it more of a modern twist.”

A “modern twist”…if you were designing it on Windows 95 and Microsoft Paint in 1998.

It’s good to know there is so much money in Google, Amazon, Macy’s, TikTok and other’s coffers that they can throw away money to fund something that could have been done by anyone with a cell phone, a tablet or Microsoft Word for 1/10000th the price tag.

The next part of this campaign will revive the famous musical “New York, New York.”  Can’t wait to see how that is made “more inclusive.”

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