Tuesday 28 March 2023

EPIC! Stephen Miller SHUTS DOWN Anti-Trumper Laura Ingraham and Her BS on Trump’s Policies (VIDEO)


On Monday night former Senior Advisor to President Trump Stephen Miller joined Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle.

Laura bloviated about how President Trump did not devote enough time on policy during his interview with Sean Hannity.

Of course, Laura is not paying attention, just like she ignored the fraud in the 2020 election.

Stephen Miller stopped the anti-Trumper dead in her tracks.

Stephen Miller:   Yeah. Laura. The president’s put forward a new policy plan every week. He’s released a Quantum Leap plan to build freedom cities and revolutionize the American way of life.  He’s launched a plan to end child mutilation. It was two thirds of his speech in Waco. It was three quarters of his speech at CPAC. He did a full hour on policy in both of those addresses. He’s four year plan to phase out imports on China.  He’s detailed the plan to take out the deep state. He’s detailed the plan to end the war in Ukraine. He’s detailed the plan to completely reach…

Laura Ingraham:  Steven. Nothing can be tweaked. Nothing.

Stephen Miller:  I have not in my lifetime seen a candidate who’s put out more new policy in so short a period of time. Talk about it. Talk about every single week. Okay, so, Stephen, I was impact speech. It was an hour straight.

Laura Ingraham:  I’m not talking about the CPAC speech. I’m talking about tonight. I’m talking about tonight.

Stephen Miller:  This is a huge opportunity to talk to the American people about the biggest news story in the country, which is people trying to prosecute him because he is the leading candidate. There’s no cheery way to be prosecuted by Alvin Bragg.  There’s no cheery way to have the special counsel come after you. And he should be but he says over and over again they’re coming after him because they’re trying to come after us. Right?

At this point Laura knew she was exposed and tried to pretend like they were buds and she agreed with him on policy.  It didn’t work.  Laura just outed herself.

Via The Ingraham Angle:

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