Wednesday 29 March 2023

BREAKING: Shasta County (California) County Supervisors Vote to Go with Paper Ballots


(Above: New California Representative Patty Plumb speaks in front of Shasta County Supervisors.)

The County Supervisors in Shasta County, California, voted last night to go with paper ballots in elections going forward.   The vote was 3-2.

In January the County Supervisors in Shasta County voted to get rid of Dominion voting systems in their elections.  This vote sent shockwaves through the state.

Last night the citizens in Shasta County supported their Board of Supervisors when the vote to use paper ballots in future elections was on the table.

According to Agenda 21 Radio:

The Shasta County Board of Supervisors following hours of debate passed by a 3-2 vote to go with hand counted paper ballots. The vote came after numerous presenters came forward to discuss the merits of manual counting and electronic systems. Clint Curtis who was the computer programer who created the algorithm designed to modify election results results flew from Florida just to talk to the board.

Last month the Shasta County Supervisors voted to discontinue the use of the Dominion machines for all further elections. Shasta County is the first to drop the use of electronic voting systems in California. There are several additional counties in California who are considering disuse of the Dominion and other electronic voting systems.

This was a big win for election integrity experts who know the many abuses that electronic election systems can bring. 

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