Monday 13 March 2023

After Demanding to Know Twitter File Journalists’ Sources, Virgin Islands “So-Called Delegate” Gets Schooled


Thursday’s hearing on the Twitter files in the US House was one of the most important hearings in our lifetime.  We learned about the Obama-created “Censorship-Industrial Complex” and we learned the Democrats hate the US Bill of Rights. 

The hearing Thursday was so important and yet the “so-called delegate” from the Virgin Islands and the rest of the Democrats treated the guests and the topic with disdain.  The Democrats are really trying to coverup the crimes that have been going on since the Obama Administration through today.

We shared a report from Jason Goodman on Friday who was at the hearing.  Goodman pointed out at that the Democrat Ranking member is Stacey Plaskett who was born in and grew up in New York, yet she somehow got herself the delegate position from the US Virgin Islands.

Wikipedia says that she’s a “so-called delegate”. 

Ms. Plaskett was all over the guest journalists and wanted to know their sources but over the weekend she denied that she ever asked for their sources.  Matt Taibbi, one of the journalists she harassed, responded to Plaskett’s tweet with the truth.

Others jumped on the truth train and left Plaskett a video of her requests.

One user on Twitter shared the video of Ms. Plaskett’s questioning.

Maybe the Democrats in New York and the Virgin Islands don’t know about the Bill of Rights.  It certainly seems so.

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