Wednesday 15 February 2023

‘Yeast Maggots,’ ‘Mutated Vermin’: University Students List More Than 250 Horrific Anti-White Slurs In Cross-Campus Group Chat: Report

 A group of students at multiple campuses circulated a list of horrific anti-white slurs in a student group chat.

The list of more than 250 racist names for white people was leaked by an Auburn University student earlier this month. The list was shared on a group chat connected to Auburn’s Black Student Union on the messaging app GroupMe. The university said in a statement to The College Fix on Monday that it is investigating the chat and has known about it for nearly a month.

“Administrators have since learned that the GroupMe chat in question is titled ‘AU Connect: Brought to you by The Throwdown’ and includes hundreds of people from multiple universities,” university spokeswoman Jennifer Adams said in a statement to The College Fix. “These comments did not occur on the Black Student Union GroupMe nor as part of any recognized Auburn University organization channel.”

Auburn University student Jaden Heard leaked the list to Turning Point USA, although he said that he originally obtained the list from a whistleblower inside the chat. “From my perspective, it looks like they were just joking around, trying to have a laugh,” Heard told 1819 News. “But I’m also imagining if the roles were reversed … I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt, that they were just trying to joke, but at the same time, it was a university-funded organization, and that’s pretty wild.”

But many of the 265 names are anything but jokes. Several of the most egregious slurs include:

  • “Yeast Maggots”
  • “Plantation Barbies”
  • “Mutated vermin”
  • “Colonizer”
  • “Albino Ape”
  • “Albino Rats”
  • “Diseased Albino Monster”
  • “Mayosapiens”
  • “Ku Klux Karen”
  • “Walking corpse”
  • “Mockery of Humanity”
  • “Diseased neanderthals”
  • “not meant to exist”
  • “products of incest”
  • “cousin lovers”

The list was entitled “Creaker Names.” “Creaker” is another slur for an old white person. The list also appears to include international students; it includes the name “ready salted crisps without the MF salt,” a British term for potato chips, and “winter wallabies,” a reference to the Australian marsupial.

Screenshots from the group chat after the list was shared indicate that the students intend to use the list to insult white people on campus. “Here’s a google doc of names for the Neanderthals,” one student said.

“Now if any of them try to play we got the names on command,” said another.

Speaking to The College Fix, Adams said that Auburn has known about the chat since January 17, and is currently investigating the matter. “An investigation is underway in the university’s Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment, which adjudicates reports of harassment and discrimination,” Adams said. “The university takes these matters very seriously and the alleged behavior does not represent the values of Auburn University. The university prohibits harassment of its students and employees as outlined in our Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment.”

“Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment will look into connections, if any, as part of their investigation,” she wrote in a second email. “We do not have any further statement at this time as the investigation is ongoing.” 

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