Friday 10 February 2023

Video allegedly shows shirtless HS teacher seemingly masturbating in empty classroom during lunch; parents furious he's apparently still on the job

 Cellphone video allegedly shows a shirtless teacher seemingly masturbating in an empty Georgia high school classroom during lunch — and parents are outraged that he's apparently still on the job.

What are the details?

WAGA-TV said the video reportedly was recorded by some Jonesboro High School students and allegedly shows a teacher "pleasuring himself" during school last Friday. A WAGA news anchor said the individual in the clip is "accused of masturbating in class."

WSB-TV said the video "shows the teacher from behind, clearly shirtless with his hand moving back and forth."

Not surprisingly the clip has been shared on social media.

"I was just appalled, like 'this can't be real,'" parent Lateasha Boggs told WAGA. "I swear I looked at it a hundred times, like I'm trying to figure it out. Is this real?"

Image source: WAGA-TV video screenshot

Boggs has three children at the school and added to WAGA that she found the video on one of their Instagram accounts Monday morning and questioned her child about it. 

Boggs told WAGA her child told her the video was recorded during lunch hour through a classroom door window and that several students witnessed the alleged act.

"And then to hear not only that my girls were actually there at the time that it happened, they were actually witnessing it as it happened," she added to WAGA. 

Parents also said school officials didn't notify them about the alleged incident and, according to their children, the teacher was at school Monday, WAGA noted.

"It's just unacceptable, the fact that you wouldn't inform parents about something like this," Boggs told WAGA.

Another parent, Renee Robinson, told WAGA that "it's kind of shocking the school would still have this man here."

Image source: WAGA-TV video screenshot

One anonymous parent told WSB she saw the teacher in question when she went to the school to complain about him: “I came as a concerned parent ... I wanted them to rectify the situation."

The anonymous parent told WSB "it seems he was doing something very inappropriate" — but that when she asked administrators why the teacher is still allowed to teach, the response was that the teacher has due process.

The teacher has not been charged with a crime, WSB added.

What does the school district have to say?

"Clayton County Public Schools is aware of an alleged incident involving inappropriate behavior by an educator," district officials told WAGA in a written statement. "District leaders are investigating this matter and will determine appropriate actions as all details are learned. As this is an active investigation, the district will not offer any additional comments."

WAGA added that it reached out to district officials for comments and confirmation as to whether the teacher was at school Monday, but the station said that it hadn't heard back as of early Monday evening.

District investigating after partially nude man caught on video in Clayton County

Anything else?

Attorney Julie Oinonen — who doesn’t represent the teacher in the video but does represent educators and school districts — told WSB that “due process” means the educator is entitled to a "fair hearing before either a tribunal or the board of education."

Oinonen added to WSB she would recommend placing the teacher on administrative leave until a hearing can be held.

The anonymous parent added to WSB that "I don’t think having him in the classroom is an option."

WSB reported that the anonymous parent said she heard the teacher is now working in a non-classroom setting; the station said it asked the district for comment but didn't hear back.

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