Tuesday 14 February 2023

Toddler's death spurs renewed hazard warnings for popular baby stroller; company appears to blame parent

 The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued fresh warnings Thursday about specific Baby Trend stroller models that present entrapment hazards which can lead to a child's death.

The stroller models of concern are the Baby Trend Sit N' Stand Double and Ultra with model numbers beginning with "SS76" or "SS66."

The photo above, provided by the CPSC, shows a Baby Trend Sit 'N Stand Double stroller. The red arrow is pointing to the pivoting front canopy that can entrap a child's head or neck if he or she is not properly restrained and a non-occupant child climbs on the exterior.

The CPSC encourages consumers to mitigate this hazard by removing the detachable canopy when not in use. Instructions for doing so are available from the CPSC and also in the product manual. The agency also emphasizes the importance of fully securing children in the strollers using the built-in, five-point harness.

United States Consumer Product Safety Commission

Baby Trend received one report of neck entrapment that resulted in the asphyxiation death of a 14-month-old. The child, a non-occupant of the stroller, got his or her neck trapped in the space between the front of the canopy tube and the arm rest of the Baby Trend Sit N' Stand double stroller. Though the father was nearby, he was reportedly unable to see the child.

Separately, Baby Trend received a report of a second entrapment incident. This incident involved a 17-month-old, partially secured child who suffered neck bruises after reportedly becoming entrapped in the space between the back of the canopy tube and the seat back of the front seat.

Though the CPSC's statement was made jointly with Baby Trend, the stroller company issued an independent statement the following day. Baby Trend's statement appears to blame the parent, not the product, for the toddler's death.

"This tragic and exceedingly rare accident could have been altogether avoided if the young toddler had not been permitted to climb and play on the stroller, which was not being used as intended at the time," the Baby Trend's independent statement says, in part.

Baby Trend's statement goes on to emphasize that the company's strollers, including the models identified as potentially hazardous by the CPSC, are "completely safe when used as intended and in accordance with the company’s operating instructions."

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