Tuesday 7 February 2023

PLAY STUPID GAMES, WIN STUPID PRIZES: Chicago Woman Falls Out Of Car And Gets Run Over During Illegal “Street Takeover” Stunt (VIDEO)


A woman from Chicago last Saturday engaged in a criminal activity known as a street takeover and almost extricated herself from the gene pool. The woman was caught hanging out of the window of a car during the stunt before being tossed onto the pavement and run over by the vehicle.

A spectator posted a video of the incident which occurred at the corner of Cermak Road and Canalport Avenue in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. CBS Chicago later obtained the footage.



Street takeover events, also know as sideshows, are stunts that involve a large number of cars taking over an intersection or parking lot within minutes and can attract over a hundred individuals. These people usually perform burnouts or donuts with their vehicles.

The cars involved in takeovers often move too fast for police vehicles and almost never have license plates. Incompetent city officials, though, have instead chosen ineffective methods such as passing an ordinance allowing cops to impound the vehicles.

Area residents are well-aware of how dangerous street takeovers are. Here is what one law-abiding citizen told CBS Chicago:

“I think it’s absolutely despicable what they are doing out there,” said Dan Franklin, a car enthusiast and founder of the Metal Militia car club.

“I don’t like takeovers. I think they are a waste of time,” Franklin continued. “They beat up your car, put people in danger, and they vandalize property.”

“They Run. They all have cars faster than the cops,” he said. “I know they say, ‘Oh, yeah, we’ll track your license plates.’ No one puts their plates on when they’re doing this stuff.”

Franklin added that the city ordinance against street racing and drifting has “hasn’t worked since day one.”

Making street takeovers a felony punishable by prison could put an end to such perilous actions, however. This what one state Democrat hopes to accomplish.

Illinois state Rep. LaShawn Ford (D-Chicago) introduced legislation last year that would charge not only those participating, but also people who attend car takeovers, with felony mob action. Under Illinois law, mob action is punishable by up to six years in prison.

“I mean, you get a felony with this and possibly lose your driver’s license – that’s the deterrent that they need,” Ford said.

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