Saturday 11 February 2023

Parents Outraged After Toddlers Appear in Blackface During Black History Month Celebration at Miami Day Care


Florida – Parents are outraged after toddlers at a Miami day care appeared in blackface to celebrate Black History Month.

Children at Studio Kids Little River located on the 8300 block of Northeast First Avenue were painted black to celebrate Black History Month.

The director of the day care said she didn’t mean to offend anyone by painting the children in blackface.

“We have not intended to offend anyone, and we are very sorry about any inconvenience,” the director said, according WSVN. 

NBC Miami reported:

Nick and Courtney Politis were getting ready for their daughter’s first birthday party a week ago when they got a call from a fellow parent of a child who attends Studio Kids Daycare in Little River.

“She calls me and she’s like, ‘You won’t believe the photos that were sent to me from this classroom,'” Courtney Politis said. “… She told me they painted all the kids’ faces black and said, ‘Happy Black History Month.’ I couldn’t believe it. My brain was malfunctioning.”

She said the pictures that were shared on the school’s messaging app and showed toddlers in blackface.

“I was angry that somehow that, you know, fell through the cracks,” Nick Politis said. “And like I said, I wasn’t sure how how how this came about and who decided to do this. But it seemed like it was multiple failures on the school’s part.”

“When I sent it to the owner, the director, it was like, ‘I’m sorry? … I don’t understand. What’s racist? We don’t use those words,’ was her response to me,” Courtney Politis said. “And the first response is the real response.”

The couple said they met with a daycare’s owner on Monday, and have since pulled their children, who are biracial, out of the private Miami daycare.

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