Friday 10 February 2023

New Minority House Leader And Election Denier Hakeem Jeffries Dismisses Biden Family Scandal


The new Democrat House Minority Leader, Hakeem Jeffries, is not that interested in the corruption of the Biden family.

It’s not that surprising. We have two separate systems of justice now. One for Republicans and Trump supporters and another for Democrat elites.

Democrats investigated everything Trump said or did for four solid years, but have no interest in exploring the Biden family’s shady business.

Breitbart News reports: 

Election Denier Hakeem Jeffries Dismisses Biden Family Business Scandal

House minority leader and election denier Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) dismissed one of the greatest scandals in United States’ history — the Biden family business dealings and the censorship conspiracy surrounding reporting of it — in a statement the congressman made Thursday.

Speaking at a press conference about the Republican’s efforts to probe the Biden family for nine potential violations, including money laundering, tax evasion, and wire fraud, Jeffries appeared to dismiss the Republicans’ investigations into the family’s business.

“They’d rather go and investigate president Biden’s family and laptops,” he said, noting Republicans are not helping President Joe Biden pass his establishment agenda:

Jeffries’ comments came after the media tried to cover up damning information from the laptop leading up to the 2020 election.

Jeffries recently admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop is real. Watch:

Look at this delusional tweet from Jeffries:

Democrats are not dealing with reality, and they’re relying on their lying partners in the media to cover for them.

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