Tuesday 14 February 2023

MSNBC Guest Suggests FOX News Viewers Are In A Cult And Need Deprogramming (VIDEO)


MSNBC recently hosted a guest who claimed that people who watch FOX News are in a cult and need to be deprogrammed.

Ironically, she herself is a FOX News viewer. She hosts a podcast about FOX News and watches the channel all day in order to find reasons to talk about it.

During this bizarre interview, she says that FOX News viewers don’t get real news, like reports on climate change, or the ongoing investigations of Trump.

Brandon Morse writes at RedState: 

MSNBC Gets Incredibly Weird as It Discusses ‘Deprogramming’ Fox News Viewers

There’s not too much in the way of difference between MSNBC and CNN, it’s just that the former is better at being a leftist propaganda outlet than the latter…

The segment really gives you a solid idea of how they view people outside of their ideological bubble.

The segment took place on “The 11th Hour” with host Stephanie Ruhle. Ruhle was aghast that Fox News reacted to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech by calling him a liar. This apparently prompted her to call on Juliet Jeske, a professional Fox News analyzer, to come on and talk about the network and its viewers.

Jeske is apparently on a mission to “get to” Fox News viewers and break them free of an apparent brainwashing the network has forced on people.

Jeske and Ruhle basically sat around and talked about Fox News as if they were a neglectful ex. They spent time complaining that they didn’t talk enough about the endless lawsuits around former President Donald Trump, nor did they talk enough about climate change. They naturally complained about Tucker Carlson and accused him of being a revolutionary against the state because of his talk about self-defense.

Watch the video below:

It’s amazing to hear someone accuse others of being in a cult and uninformed while they’re appearing on MSNBC.

This is a network that pushed the Russia collusion lie for four years. MSNBC never met an anti-Trump hoax it didn’t like.

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