Wednesday 15 February 2023

Meet Disney’s “Biromantic Asexual” Executive Director “Adding Queerness” and CRT to Children’s Programming


Disney made a big mistake when they hired Latoya Raveneau.  At least that is what 7,000 employees and its many stockholders must think. 

Disney has reached full wokeness over the past few years.  All portions of programming are victims of this insanity.

The leadership of the company is to blame and one big mistake was hiring Latoya Raveneau.  It was a huge mistake.  After her hiring, the company went down the toilet.  The once great company and producer of classics is now the enemy of American parents who want their children protected from liberal woke insanity.

Raveneau is behind the critical race garbage and lies that Disney now produces.  Raveneua brags about adding “queerness” wherever she can and it shows.  She also pushes garbage lies about America.

Watch her work and comments below.

Redstate reports the following on the “Slaves Build this Country” narrative from Disney.

First things first, we need to torpedo this idea that slaves built this country. While it’d be unrealistic to say they weren’t a part of the nation’s development, putting them as the prime constructors of an entire nation is like saying the guy who crafted the axle at the car factory built your vehicle. He was definitely a part of it, but he hardly gets to take full credit.

So many kinds of people came to the new world and worked their own land, built their own towns, and established their own societies without the help of slaves. For one, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade transported well over 12 million slaves, but only a little over 300,000 made their way into the United States. This didn’t happen all at once. Slavery did officially begin in 1619, but it began with just over 20 slaves.

To think that over the course of time that singular group of people built an entire nation — even a burgeoning one — by themselves is the height of fantasy. Especially as you continue to plug in the numbers.

Meanwhile, the slave-free north continued to outpace the south by leaps and bounds, including agriculturally according to Warfare in the Western World:

“But in a longer struggle the North’s advantages were substantial. With a population of 20 million, the Northern states obviously possessed a much larger military manpower base, but their industrial capacity was far greater as well. In 1860 the North had over 110,000 manufacturing establishments, the South just 18,000. The North produced 94 percent of the country’s iron, 97 percent of is coal and – not incidentally – 97 percent of its firearms. It contained 22,000 miles of railroad to the South’s 8,500. The North outperformed the South agriculturally as well. Northerners held 75 percent of the country’s farm acreage, produced 60 percent of its livestock, 67 percent of its corn, and 81 percent of its wheat. All in all, they held 75 percent of the nation’s total wealth.”

These stats immediately wreck the idea that “slaves built this country.” Not only did the north succeed greatly without them, but the majority of the south also didn’t have them.

The company will never make it by pushing lies about this great country’s history and radical wokeness to our children.

Those who hate America knew they had to destroy Disney.  Hiring Latoya Raveneau was how they did it. 

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