Saturday 11 February 2023

IRONY: Some Of The Illegal Immigrants NYC Sent To Canada Are Turning Back Because It’s Too Cold


It was recently reported that New York City is giving some illegal immigrants taxpayer-funded bus tickets to Canada. Some of them took the deal, because they were dismayed with the level of crime in New York.

Well, they must not have told these folks what Canada is like in winter because some of them took one look and decided to come back.

This situation is reaching amazing levels of absurdity.

The Daily Mail reported:

NO Canada! Migrants bused north from NYC for free are TURNING BACK after getting frustrated with the weather conditions with one blaming ‘lots of snow’

However, just days after reports surfaced that some of the travelers were fleeing New York because of ‘drugs’ and homelessness, several are having second thoughts – with some outright refusing the offer because the country has ‘lots of snow.’

Speaking to the CBC, Ilze Thielmann, the director of a New York nonprofit that has already helped transport the migrants from New York to Montreal, attempted to explain the phenomenon, saying many had arrived expecting better access to jobs and health care, while others were simply turned off by the frigid conditions.

‘They think that there are all these jobs up there,’ Thielmann, 56, told the Canadian broadcaster Tuesday of the realities currently being thrust on the foreigners, many of whom have been in the US for the better part of a year.

She added that instead of braving the rest of the Canadian winter – set to persist for no more than another month – migrants, already fed-up with conditions, are opting to turn tail back to New York City.

‘They think they’re going to be able to get asylum very easily up there, and that’s just not the case.’

Karen Townsend of Hot Air adds this:

When leaders like Pierre Trudeau and Joe Biden virtue-signal about sanctuary cities and states welcoming illegal migrants, the migrants are listening. They expect to sashay into the United States and receive all the taxpayer-funded benefits available to make their lives comfortable. There are expectations. Now, even cold weather is the reason for complaints. You can’t make this stuff up.

The single male migrants probably would like to remain in a Manhattan hotel room where taxpayers are charged up to $450 per night to provide for them instead of a large migrant shelter. Who wouldn’t? It’s the sense of entitlement that is so irritating.

How did these people not know that Canada is cold in winter? Have they never seen a map of North America?

You could not make this up.

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