Saturday 4 February 2023

“I Love Your Earrings!” – Joe Biden Creeps on Little Girl Who Can’t Run Away Fast Enough (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Friday delivered remarks on his crappy economy at the Belmont Water Treatment Center in Philadelphia.

Jana Curtis, founder of Get The Lead Out Riverwards also delivered remarks about her organization’s work to replace lead pipes.

Jana Curtis brought her young daughter to the event – and Biden couldn’t keep his paws off of the child.

Biden beelined to the girl as soon as he walked on stage. 

Biden took the little girl’s hand and led her on stage.

After Biden violated her personal space and pressed himself against her (his signature move), she ran to her mother.

“You’ve done so much for so many kids!” Biden said to the girl as he pawed her.

“And I love your earrings!” Biden told the child as she ran away.

The child couldn’t run away from his fast enough.


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