Friday 3 February 2023

Hungarian Opposition Was Given More Illegal US Funds than Previously Reported – Weeks After Group’s Leader Koranyi Met with Alex Soros


David Koranyi

The globalist left is on a mission to stamp out any nationalist or populist movement in the Western World. It is much more difficult to control people who love their country, respect their faith, and value their culture.

For years the globalist left has attacked Hungary’s Viktor Orban, the highly successful and love Eastern European leader.

In a new report, Hungarian officials are now blaming US Democrats for attempting to influence their national elections.

The report accuses US Democrats of donating more illegal funds than previously reported to the Hungarian opposition. 

FreeWest Media reported:

As was already reported in September, illegal donations had flowed to the political opposition from the US organization Action for Democracy (AD). Attempts were made to influence the elections in Hungary from abroad and to support Viktor Orbán’s opponent candidate.

But according to the National Information Center in Budapest, the amount of money involved was even higher than initially reported.

The head of the agency, Brigadier General Zoltán András Kovács, underlined that this was clearly a violation of Hungary’s sovereignty. In an article he also criticized the silence of the international media about the scandal.

Last year, the secret services and investigative authorities found another 160 million Hungarian forints – the equivalent of 410 146 euros – in financial election campaign aid from abroad for the opposition. The funds are said to have been channeled through a Swiss foundation. A total of 3,2 billion forints (8,2 million euros) flowed from the AD to the Hungarian opposition alliance.

The Hungarian authorities believe that people associated with the Democratic Party in the US were behind the organization AD.

The website of parliament’s national security committee also released a transcript of evidence given by NIK head Brigadier-General Zoltán András Kovács suggesting that the total amount of funding was around 160 million more than previously stated, the Hungarian state outlet MTI reported.

The leader of Action for Democracy is David Koranyi, who is currently a chief advisor for the Mayor of Budapest.

According to recent reports, Koranyi delivered the US Democrat and Soros dollars to the Hungarian left. in fact, Koranyi met directly with Alex Soros, the son of George Soros, before the first transfer of funds to Action for Democracy.

Via (translated):

Dávid Korányi was once again in the news: new details were revealed about the largest illegal party financing scandal in Hungarian democracy, the case of the rolling dollars. It has been proven that Dávid Korányi met directly with the son of György Soros, the future master of the Soros empire, Alex Soros, who took over power in these months, before Action for Democracy’s first transfer to Hungary, and they discussed the exact plan. Previously, the dollar left lied that it was only about micro-donations, but it soon became clear that this was not the case. However, it was not yet known exactly who was behind the rolling dollars, who was transferring the money to Action for Democracy, which then forwarded the amount to the left-wing campaign and thereby interfered with Hungary’s sovereignty and the purity of the election in an unprecedented way.

Alex and George Soros.

And posted this update.

Alex Soros can definitely be linked to Korányi’s Action for Democracy on another thread:

On his Twitter page, he shared one of the advertisements of the organization behind the scandal of the dollar left, the call that was also projected in New York’s Times Square, and he also posted the motto of the campaign on Twitter:

Help Hungarians choose.

In addition, Kati Marton, one of the organizers of the fundraising, maintains a close relationship with György Soros and his son, as evidenced by a photo from March 2018.

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