Wednesday 8 February 2023

House Chamber Erupts in Laughter After Biden Says, “We Are Going to Need Oil For at Least Another Decade” (VIDEO)


Joe Biden Tuesday night delivered his State of the Union Address from the House chamber.

The SOTU is a total clown show.

Jill Biden kissed Kamala’s husband on the lips as she entered the House chamber.


Biden struggled to read his teleprompter and began shouting out of nowhere.

The House chamber erupted in laughter after Biden said we need oil for at least another decade.

Biden said he had a conversation with an oil executive about the future of oil.

Of course he trashed the oil industry and blamed greedy execs for high gas prices.

“I told him we are going to need oil for at least another decade and we’re going to exceed and beyond that!” Biden said to laughter.


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