Saturday 18 February 2023

Georgia Witch Hunt Into Trump Call with Corrupt Raffensperger Comes Up with Big “Nothingburger”


Georgia’s Fulton County DA couldn’t tie a crime to President Trump despite 75 witnesses brought in front of a Grand Jury.  It was a nothingburger as we all knew going in. 

This was all just another witch hunt.

Vernon Jones, former Georgia Representative, shared that Fulton County ONLY found possible perjury charges after tens of witnesses were interrogated in front of the court.

Jones shared on the War Room today that the corrupt Fulton County DA wanted to use a special court used for civil cases to trap individuals in an unjust and unnecessary grand jury hearing. 

After 75 witnesses over a 7 month period, they got nothing.

Listen to Vernon Jones below:

In addition to Jones, Bannon had attorney Mike Davis on to discuss the same garbage grand jury results.

Davis noted that the DA in Fulton County is a left-wing radical whose dad was a Black Panther.

So I think the headline out of this is President Trump is cleared in Fulton County even with his radical left-wing Democrat DA in Fulton County pushing this bogus investigation trying to criminalize democracy and elections.

Watch his short interview below:

The Democrats are corrupt, criminal and dangerous angry people. 

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