Thursday 9 February 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Claremont Institute Expands State Activity To Florida Due To DeSantis Leadership

 The Claremont Institute announced on Wednesday that they are expanding their state activity inside Florida due to Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership.

The conservative think tank’s president, Ryan P. Williams, met with DeSantis today to announce that Tallahassee will serve as the home of the institute’s new state activity.

The Claremont Institute said in a statement that they want to use Florida as the “template” for how to govern across the country.

“We are bringing Claremont Institute state activity to Florida for a few reasons, not least of which is the bold executive and legislative leadership in the Sunshine State,” the institute said. “We are excited to help continue this work by educating allies and leaders alike on effective policy strategies to combat the woke regime in Florida and America at large.”

Williams said, “Protecting and restoring the American way of life is the most important work Governors and state legislators can do right now.”

“Governor DeSantis has shown fearless intellectual and political leadership in the fight against woke leftism,” Williams added. “We are thrilled to help him and his legislative allies continue this important work as part of our ongoing efforts across the states by creating a new Tallahassee-based position of Senior Director of State Coalitions.”

After this story was published, Casey DeSantis posted a tweet that included photos from the governor’s meeting with leaders from The Claremont Institute.

“Thrilled to welcome @scottyenor from the Claremont Institute to his new home in Tallahassee,” Casey DeSantis wrote. “Protecting Americans from infringing woke ideology is important work, and we are grateful Scott and the Claremont Institute picked Florida to continue their mission.”

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