Tuesday 7 February 2023

Elon Musk Identifies Dangerous Player in US Government Censorship and Media Manipulation is Obscure Agency Called the GEC


According to Elon Musk, the entity that led the US government censorship and media manipulation is an obscure agency called the GEC.

Musk released a Twitter thread on the GEC calling the entity a threat to our democracy.

[Think of that – a government entity that is so corrupt that it is a threat to our democracy. It’s like a cancer to its host – America.]


Musk provided some more info on the GEC. The GEC like the rest of the Deep State blamed everything on Russia.

[It’s how they address everything that is and holds the truth – President Trump, the Mueller coup, COVID, Hunter Biden’s laptop, etc…]

Kanekoa tweeted in response to Musk that the DHS, CISA and the State Department (GEC) should not be involved in censoring American citizens. Elon Musk replied in agreement that it would be illegal.

[But since the DOJ is in on it and part of the transformation of the US to communism, nothing will be done at this time.]

Some readers recommended that Elon stay safe – that he’s going to get Epsteined if he continues doing what he’s doing. He replied “Everybody dies some day”.

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