Monday 13 February 2023

DEVELOPING: U-Haul Truck Strikes Multiple Pedestrians at Three Different Locations in Brooklyn – Suspect Taken Into Custody (VIDEO)

 On Monday morning, a U-Haul truck parked on a sidewalk in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge neighborhood was surrounded by police cars and paramedics after it had reportedly struck many individuals, CBS News reported.

According to reports, multiple pedestrians were injured when a U-Haul truck drove into them at three separate locations in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, close to the intersection of 5th Avenue and Bay Ridge Parkway.


ABC 7 reported:

The truck jumped the sidewalk at one location.

At least four people are injured, according to police.

The U-Haul struck a man in his 30s on 4th Avenue. He was taken to Lutheran Hospital in critical condition.

Three other men on mopeds were struck and sustained minor injuries.

The driver fled those crashes north on the Gowanus Expressway he exited on Hamilton Avenue and was surrounded by police at Columbia Street in Red Hook.

CBS New York reported that the U-Haul driver tried to flee the scene of the accident on Monday morning, but that police were able to corner him several blocks away. The suspect then reportedly rammed two police vehicles before making a temporary escape.

Watch the video below:

A new surveillance video showed the exact moment a pedestrian was struck.

Authorities in Brooklyn have identified the suspect as an Asian man. He is now in the hospital for a psychological evaluation.

According to the police, the bomb squad was brought in to search the truck and they found nothing suspicious.


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