Thursday 16 February 2023

Chris Cuomo Says He Wanted ‘To Kill Everybody’ After He Got Fired

 Disgraced CNN host Chris Cuomo admitted he wanted “to kill everybody” including himself after he was fired following revelations he helped his brother then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo navigate several sexual harassment allegations.

During the former anchor’s appearance on Wednesday on Anthony Scaramucci’s podcast “Open Book,” Cuomo admitted he’s flawed and sought therapy after he was “s*** canned” by the network.

“I had to accept [my firing] because I was going to kill everybody, including myself,” the 52-year-old former CNN broadcaster shared, the New York Post noted.


“Things can consume you,” Cuomo continued. “Italians are so passionate. And I really had to fight against that because … I got too many people counting on me.”

The former host said he’s made “a lot of mistakes” and revealed he’s gotten therapy to deal with the fallout from no longer being the number 1 guy on CNN.

“There is damage that is relatable, there is damage that is unrelatable to people that I have to deal with, that I am working on,” Cuomo shared.

“At CNN, I wasn’t set up to be [No. 1],” Cuomo said. “I wasn’t the big name there, I didn’t have the big team, they didn’t do the advertising about me. But I was still No. 1.”

“I’ll never be that again,” he added. “That was taken from me, I believe wrongly. I’ll litigate that. I’m not going to b**** about that it in the press.”

In December 2021, Cuomo was fired from the network. In March, 2022 the former CNN host filed a $125 million lawsuit against the network after his job was terminated. He demanded $15 million in lost salary and $110 million in further damages, as The Daily Wire previously reported. The case is ongoing, the New York Post noted.

In July 2022, Cuomo announced that he’d been hired on by NewsNation and promised he would “try very hard to be  fair,” as previously reported.

“I’m going to do the job,” Cuomo said. “I’m going to go where the news is, and I’m going to try very hard to be fair. And I want to do it here. I want to make a difference. And I’m really hoping that it makes a difference for you [the viewer]. And I thank NewsNation very much for the opportunity.”

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