Monday 6 February 2023

Angry New Yorkers Have Had It With City’s Handling Of Entitled Migrants


It has been fascinating to watch people in blue, non-border states deal with a problem that red border states have had to deal with for years.

New York has had an illegal immigrant problem for just a matter of months and they can’t seem to handle it.

People in the city have lost patience and are angry about the way leadership has catered to the whims of the migrants.

The New York Post reports: 

Of course New Yorkers are furious at the red carpet rolled out for the migrant wave

Nothing could have pleased New Yorkers more than Mayor Eric Adams finally putting his foot down this week and sweeping dozens of protesting migrants camped outside the Watson Hotel in Midtown.

Until Wednesday, everyone outside of the political and activist class was dumbfounded by both City Hall’s major largesse and activists’ extremism in fueling the migrants’ demands.

“Ingrates,” we heard New-Yorkers-in-the-street describe the migrants who refused transfer from the hotel to the Brooklyn center. These men (all single) enjoyed $300-a-night private rooms (with bath and shower) in the heart of Midtown, luxuries most taxpayers envy.

It’s “bulls—,” fumed Bonfilio Solis, a Mexican immigrant who owns a remodeling business. He told The Post that the migrants were being “very disrespectful.”

A new Quinnipiac poll shows that a majority of New York residents agree with the mayor that the 40,000-plus migrants who’ve descended on Gotham (so far) have pushed the city to a breaking point and should be moved upstate.

New Yorkers are generous and big-hearted, but the slew of free stuff for migrants — meals, health care, haircuts, cellphones, ping-pong tables and Xboxes — has ordinary folks squawking big-time.

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air adds this:

Imagine all of the people who had to scrape and save to get by after arriving in America. In the past few months, they have seen the migrants being showered with “free stuff.” And we’re not just talking about free meals and rooms. As the Post points out, many of them have been getting free “health care, haircuts, cellphones, ping-pong tables and Xboxes.”…

There is still no end in sight when it comes to these problems and there won’t be until the border is secured and the flood of migrants slows back down. In the meantime, judging by the latest polling numbers, all that these open border policies are doing is creating a lot more Republicans and conservatives in a city that’s traditionally been ruled entirely by liberal Democrats.

New Yorkers voted for Democrat leadership. What did they think was going to happen?

Will they try something different next time?

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